Halifax Pubs Past and Present Ri

Halifax Pubs Past and Present Ri

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R Pops - Lord Street, Halifax

Raffelds Inn - Northowram

Raffles Nightclub - Burnley Road, Mytholmroyd

Fact - Now a co-op supermarket

Raggalds - Queensbury

Fact - aka Old Raggalds, Wraggles, Raggles. Now the 'Queens Head'


Railway - Elland

Railway - 29 Horton Street, Halifax HX1 1QE   Phone: 01422351209

Fact - 'Gladstones' nightclub used to be at the rear

Railway - Wheatley

Railway/Commercial Hotel - Huddersfield Road, Brighouse

Railway Hotel - 11 Birds Royd Lane, Brighouse (closed in 1934)

Fact - later known as 'Pelico House'

Railway - Blackburn House, 1 - 3 Nursery Lane, Ovenden HX3 5SJ

Railway Hotel - Bowling Dyke, Halifax (closed in 1905)

Stood next door to the "Blue Ball" pub


The Railway Hotel stood next to the Blue Ball (pictured above) but not sure which building it was


Railway Hotel - New Road, Hebden Bridge (built in 1861)

Railway Hotel - Ripponden (Closed in 1906)

Fact - once known as the 'Canterbury Inn'

Railway Hotel - 406 Burnley Road, Todmorden

Fact - now houses

Railway Hotel - 545 Rochdale Road, Walsden

Railway Tavern - Crossfields, Halifax

Landlord William H Greenwood was subletting in 1869

Rams Head - 24/26 Wakefield Road, Sowerby Bridge (built about 1800 and closed in 2010)

Fact - Now houses

Far end of the terraces above

Rat - Greetland (see Druids Arms)

Rawson's Arms - Elland Wood Bottom (closed in 2000)

Fact - now offices for W.T.Knowles and Sons

Red Lion, Northgate, Halifax


Halifax Guardian, 1854

Red Lion - 1 Lee Lane/Ploughcroft Lane, Boothtown

Fact - Burned down

Red Lion - Church Street, opp top of Church, Elland (recorded in 1719 - demolished)

Red Lion - Winding Road, Halifax (closed in mid 1960s)

Red Lion - 6 Bank Bottom, Halifax 

Beerhouse, opened in 1853 and closed in 1883) Flooded in 1866.

Licence renewal was refused Aug 24th 1883.


Red Lion site would have been here, near Matalans

Red Lion - Luddenden Foot (opened in 1811 and closed in 1877 and demolished)

Fact - aka 'Old Red Lion', replaced by the 'General Rawdon' pub

Red Lion Beerhouse - Northowram

Red Lion - Thornhill Road, Rastrick

Fact - became the 'Thornhill Arms'

Red Lion Inn - 37 Wharfe Street, Sowerby Bridge (closed in 1907)

Red Lion - Towngate, Stainland

Red Lion - Wyke

Fact - aka 'Ruby's' and now the 'Wyke Lion' , Now a restaurant

Redan - Blue Ball Road/Cross Wells Road, Soyland (opened in 1890 and closed in 1937 - demolished)

Red Rooster - 123 Elland Road, Brighouse HD6 2QR

Fact - previously known as 'The Wharfe'

Reed Inn - 44 Woolshops, Halifax

Reed - 146 West Street, Sowerby Bridge (opened in 1891 and closed in 1928)

Reindeer Beerhouse Hotel - Crossfield, 7 John Street/Waterhouse Street, Halifax

Reservoir - Fly flats (opened in 1865 and closed in 1870)

The beerhouse operated for 5 years providing beer & accomodation for reservoir workers. It was located at a farmhouse called Slade which was about a mile southeast of the reservoir. After ceasing as a beerhouse it became the house for the gamekeeper from Castle Carr.

Revivals - Broad Street, Halifax

Fact - aka 'Scene 3 and 4', 'Kibbutz', 'Tiffany's', 'Fat Freddy's'


Ricci's Bar - Halifax

Richard Oastler - Brighouse (Wetherspoons) (opened in 1999)

Richard Temperance Hotel - 43 Horton Street, Halifax

Rifleman Inn - Woolshops, Halifax

Landlord John Firth lost the license in 1869 as it was frequented with prostitutes

Riggin - Hubberton, Sowerby

Fact - aka 'Shepherd's Rest'

Ring o'Bells - 57 Commercial Street, Brighouse.

Closed in 1973. Fact - originally called 'The Staff of Life'

Where? - near the Wellington - Wellington Arcade

Ring Of Bells - Elland

Ring o bells - 3 Upper Kirkgate, Halifax HX1 1QS 

Built in the 13th/15th century and rebuilt in 1720

Fact - previously called 'Sign of the Church'


Feature Page of Ring O'Bells

Ring O'Bells - Nest Lane, Mytholmroyd

Fact - now housing

Ring O'Bells  - Lillands Lane, Rastrick (closed in 1961 and demolished)

Rising Sun - 67 Haley Hill, Boothtown (closed in 1905)

Fact - now housing

Rising Sun - Jepson Lane, Elland

The original building 

Rising Sun - Lower Slack, Warley, Luddenden Dean (closed in 1895)

Rising Sun - 22 Bridge End, Rastrick (closed in 1908 and demolished in 1913)

Where? - opposite the 'Star' on Bramston Street


Rising Sun was in the middle of the road

Rising Sun - Wainstalls (see 'Sun Inn')

Ritz - Bradford Road, Brighouse

River Lounge - 18 Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge HX6 2EA   Phone: 01422647841

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