Halifax Pubs Past and Present Ro

Halifax Pubs Past and Present Ro

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Robin Hood - 20/24 Wakefield Road/Wood Street/Phoenix Bridge, Brighouse. Demolished in 2017

Robin Hood - Cragg Vale

Robin Hood - Pecket Well, Old Town

Fact - 17th century coaching inn.

Rock - New Street, Southowram

Fact - changed name to 'Jubilee' in 1887. Is now a childrens nursery

(The)Rock  Inn Hotel 22 Broad Carr, Holywell Green HX4 9BS

Fact - Now known as 'Churchills'

Rock Tavern - Upper Edge, Dewsbury Road, Elland HX5 9JU

Roebuck - 26 Northgate, Halifax (opened in 1735 and closed in 1966)

Fact - aka 'The Buck'

Where? Opposite 'Guitar zone' café. Top of bus station (left building in photo)

Roebuck - Portsmouth, Todmorden (built in 1770)

Rook Hotel - 166 Hanson Lane/288 Queens Road, Pellon

Rook Tavern - Southowram

Rope and Anchor - 80-86 Roomfield Lane/132 Halifax Road, Todmorden

Fact - aka 'The Anchor'

Ropers - 11 Lee Bridge, Halifax (closed in 1946)

Rose and Crown - 35 Cote Hill, Halifax (opened in 1874 and closed and demolished in 1941)

Rose and Crown - 1-2 Cheapside/Southgate, Halifax (opened in 1735 and closed in 1956)

Fact - Replaced by Marks and Spencers store

Rose and Crown - Swinemarket, Halifax

Fact - Became the 'Cooper's Arms' and then the 'Sportsman'. Now called 'The Gundog'

Rose and Crown - Northgate, Elland (dated 1682 derelict since 2007)

Fact - Once the home for the church clergy. Since the 1980s has been known as 'The Outside Inn', 'Benny's', 'Fakers', and 'De Lacys'.

Rose and Crown - 98 Rochdale Road, Greetland HX4 8HR   Phone: 01422373017 (Built in 1725)

Rose and Crown - 2 Mill Lane, Mixenden

Fact - Became 'Coach and Horses', 'Crown and Anchor' and 'Hebble Brook'. Now housing.

Rose and Crown - Oldham Road, Ripponden (opened in 1888 and closed in 1911)

Fact - was originally the Ripponden Co-op society store

Rose and Crown - 13 Siddal Street, Siddal

Rose and Crown - High Street, Bowling Green Road, Stainland HX4 9PF   Phone: 01422374313

Rose and Crown - Castle Clough/Halifax Road, Todmorden

Fact - became 'Big D's Biker's Bar'

Rose and Crown - Lydgate, Todmorden

Rosie O'Grady's - (See Yates's Wine Lodge)

Round Hill - Rastrick

Round House - 2 Clifton Road, King Street, Brighouse (Built in 1831 and closed in 2000)

Fact - aka 'Roundabout House, 'Oddfellows Arms' and then 'Round Tavern'

Round Hill - Clough Lane, Rastrick

Roxy Venue - Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge HX6 2AE   Phone: 01422832228

Royal Engineers - 2 Hangram Street/36 Bradford Road, Brighouse (closed in 1965)

Fact - aka 'Engineers'

Royal George - 22 Southgate, Elland (Closed in 1912)

Royal George - Lydgate/Towngate, Midgley (opened in 1902 and closed in 1919)

Royal George - 17 Rochdale Road/Church Street, Todmorden (built in late 1700s)

Royal George - 351 Halifax Road/Castle Street, Todmorden

Royal Hotel - 31-33 Hall Street, Halifax (opened in 1815 and closed in 1969)

(The) Royal Hotel - Upper Washer Lane, Pye Nest, Halifax

Fact - aka 'The Folly' and 'Wainhouse Tavern'

Royal Hotel - Bradford Road, Brighouse (Closed in 1960s)

Where - Now where Sainsburys stands

Royal Hotel - 1 Huddersfield Road/Mill Lane, Brighouse (built in 1839 and demolished in 1973 for new road layout)

Royal Hotel - Briggate/Elland Bridge, Elland (designed in 1865)

Fact - became 'The Bridge' and is now a wellbeing therapy centre

Royal Hotel/Oddfellows Hall - Victoria Street/19-21 St.James's Road, Halifax (Opened in 1863 and Closed in 1962. Demolished in 1963).

Royal Hotel - Mytholmroyd

Royal Hotel - Sowerby Street, Sowerby Bridge HX6 3AT   Phone: 01422831406 (built about 1850)

Fact - Now flats. Aka 'The Royal Commercial & Family Hotel' & 'Posting House' and 'The Royal Commercial Inn'

Royal Hotel - Rishworth (see The Malthouse)

Royal Oak - Barkisland

Fact - now Clayhouse Farm

Royal Oak - 7 Commercial Street, Brighouse (closed in 1936)

Royal Oak - Primrose Street, Claremount, Halifax

Royal Oak Inn - Lower Edge Road, Elland

Fact - now housing. Once the home of Lower Edge Bowling Club

Royal Oak - 1 Clare Road, Halifax (demolished in 1929 and re-built in 1931 using materials from HMS Newcastle)

Fact - Aka 'Tap and Spile' and now known as 'Dirty Dicks'

Royal Oak - 126 Haugh Shaw Road / Paradise Row / Whitehead's Buildings, King Cross (demolished in 1970s for Aachen Way)

Royal Oak - Acre Lane, Luddenden Foot

Royal Oak - Burnley Road, Mytholmroyd (closed in 1970s)

Fact - Now flats

Royal Oak - Shibden Head Lane, Ambler Thorn, Queensbury

Royal Oak - Sowerby Bridge

Royal Oak - 6 Holywell Green, Burrwood, Stainland (opened in 1834 and closed in 1916)

Royal Oak - 505 Springside, Todmorden

Royal Sovereigns - 21 Northgate, North Bridge, Halifax (opened in 1822 and closed in 1910)

Ruby's - Wyke (see Wyke Lion)

Running Man - Pellon Lane, Halifax HX1 5QN (Opened in 1971)

Fact - Built on the site of the demolished 'Dusty Miller' which closed in 1968)                    

Rushcart - Sowerby Green, Sowerby

Fact - previously called 'The Star'

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