Halifax Pubs Past and Present Ro

Halifax Pubs Past and Present Ro

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Robin Hood - 20/24 Wakefield Road/Wood Street/Phoenix Bridge, Brighouse. Demolished in 2017

Robin Hood - Cragg Vale

Robin Hood - Pecket Well, Old Town

Fact - 17th century coaching inn.

Rock - New Street, Southowram

Fact - changed name to 'Jubilee' in 1887. Is now a childrens nursery

(The)Rock  Inn Hotel 22 Broad Carr, Holywell Green HX4 9BS

Fact - Now known as 'Churchills'

The Rock bars are on two levels, the lower one being the original inn, built in 1705. The upper bar formed from two adjoining cottages

Rock Tavern - Upper Edge, Dewsbury Road, Elland HX5 9JU

Rocky Road to Dublin - Somewhere near Clarke Bridge

Roebuck - 26 Northgate, Halifax (opened in 1735 and closed in 1966)

Fact - aka 'The Buck'

Where? Opposite 'Guitar zone' café. Top of bus station (left building in photo)

Roebuck - Portsmouth, Todmorden (built in 1770)

Rook Hotel - 166 Hanson Lane/288 Queens Road, Pellon

Rook Tavern - Southowram

Rope and Anchor - 80-86 Roomfield Lane/132 Halifax Road, Todmorden

Fact - aka 'The Anchor'

Ropers - 11 Lee Bridge, Halifax (closed in 1946)

Rose and Crown - 35 Cote Hill, Halifax (opened in 1874 and closed and demolished in 1941)

Rose and Crown - 1-2 Cheapside/Southgate, Halifax (opened in 1735 and closed in 1956)

Fact - Replaced by Marks and Spencers store. Formerly known as 'House at the Nook'

Rose and Crown - Swinemarket, Halifax

Fact - Became the 'Cooper's Arms' and then the 'Sportsman'. Now called 'The Gundog'

See Sportsman

Rose and Crown - Northgate, Elland (dated 1682 derelict since 2007)

Fact - Once the home for the church clergy. Since the 1980s has been known as 'The Outside Inn', 'Benny's', 'Fakers', and 'De Lacys'.

Rose and Crown - 98 Rochdale Road, Greetland HX4 8HR   Phone: 01422373017 (Built in 1725)

Rose and Crown - 2 Mill Lane, Mixenden

Fact - Became 'Coach and Horses', 'Crown and Anchor' and 'Hebble Brook'. Now housing.

Rose and Crown - Oldham Road, Ripponden (opened in 1888 and closed in 1911)

Fact - was originally the Ripponden Co-op society store

Rose and Crown - 13 Siddal Street, Siddal

Rose and Crown - High Street, Bowling Green Road, Stainland HX4 9PF   Phone: 01422374313

Rose and Crown - Castle Clough/Halifax Road, Todmorden

Fact - became 'Big D's Biker's Bar'

Rose and Crown - Lydgate, Todmorden

Rosie O'Grady's - (See Yates's Wine Lodge)

Rose Tree Inn - Clark Bridge, Halifax

Landlord lost the license in 1869 due to premises being frequented by prostitutes

Round Hill - Rastrick

Round House - 2 Clifton Road, King Street, Brighouse (Built in 1831 and closed in 2000)

Fact - aka 'Roundabout House, 'Oddfellows Arms' and then 'Round Tavern'

Round Hill - Clough Lane, Rastrick

Roxy Venue - Wharf Street, Sowerby Bridge HX6 2AE   Phone: 01422832228

Royal Engineers - 2 Hangram Street/36 Bradford Road, Brighouse (closed in 1965)

Fact - aka 'Engineers'

Royal George - 22 Southgate, Elland (Closed in 1912)

Royal George - Lydgate/Towngate, Midgley (opened in 1902 and closed in 1919)

Royal George - 17 Rochdale Road/Church Street, Todmorden (built in late 1700s)

Royal George - 351 Halifax Road/Castle Street, Todmorden

Royal Hotel - 31-33 Hall Street, Halifax (opened in 1815 and closed in 1969)

(The) Royal Hotel - Upper Washer Lane, Pye Nest, Halifax

Fact - aka 'The Folly' and 'Wainhouse Tavern'

Royal Hotel - Bradford Road, Brighouse (Closed in 1960s)

Where - Now where Sainsburys stands

Royal Hotel - 1 Huddersfield Road/Mill Lane, Brighouse (built in 1839 and demolished in 1973 for new road layout)

Royal Hotel - Briggate/Elland Bridge, Elland (designed in 1865)

Fact - became 'The Bridge' and is now a wellbeing therapy centre

Royal Hotel/Oddfellows Hall - Victoria Street/19-21 St.James's Road, Halifax (Opened in 1863 and Closed in 1962. Demolished in 1963).

Royal Hotel - Mytholmroyd

Royal Hotel - Sowerby Street, Sowerby Bridge HX6 3AT   Phone: 01422831406 (built about 1850)

Fact - Now flats. Aka 'The Royal Commercial & Family Hotel' & 'Posting House' and 'The Royal Commercial Inn'

photo by Nick Lambert

Royal Hotel - Rishworth (see The Malthouse)

Royal Oak - Barkisland

Fact - now Clayhouse Farm

Royal Oak - 7 Commercial Street, Brighouse (closed in 1936)

Royal Oak - Primrose Street, Claremount, Halifax

Royal Oak Inn - Lower Edge Road, Elland

Fact - now housing. Once the home of Lower Edge Bowling Club

Royal Oak - 1 Clare Road, Halifax (demolished in 1929 and re-built in 1931 using materials from HMS Newcastle)

Fact - Aka 'Tap and Spile' and now known as 'Dirty Dicks'

Read more

Royal Oak - 126 Haugh Shaw Road / Paradise Row / Whitehead's Buildings, King Cross (demolished in 1970s for Aachen Way)

Royal Oak - Acre Lane, Luddenden Foot

Royal Oak - Burnley Road, Mytholmroyd (closed in 1970s)

Fact - Now flats

Royal Oak - Shibden Head Lane, Ambler Thorn, Queensbury

Royal Oak - Sowerby Bridge

Royal Oak - 6 Holywell Green, Burrwood, Stainland (opened in 1834 and closed in 1916)


Royal Oak - 505 Springside, Todmorden

Royal Sovereigns - 21 Northgate, Bridge Street, North Bridge, Halifax (opened in 1822 and closed in 1910)

Landlord Henry North lost the license in 1869 due to premises being frequented by prostitutes

Ruby's - Wyke (see Wyke Lion)

Running Man - Pellon Lane, Halifax HX1 5QN (Opened in 1971)

Fact - Built on the site of the demolished 'Dusty Miller' which closed in 1968)                    

Rushcart - Sowerby Green, Sowerby

Fact - previously called 'The Star'

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