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Baileys - George's Square

see Cats Bar

Bailiff Bridge Inn - Bailiff Bridge

See Punch Bowl 

Bandsman - Field Lane, Rastrick

See (The)Bramble

Bank Top Inn - 2 Ovenden Road, Lee Mount        (Closed in 1971)

Where? Left hand side of this picture

Bar  5 - off Winding Road

Bar 11 - 11-11a Harrison Road, Halifax  

(See Harrison Social)

Bar 15 - Bull Green, Halifax

(now closed)

Fact - previously known as WC's due to the fact that these premises were once actually public toilets

Where? At the top of Bull Green and down the steps infront of Bull Green house.

Barbados - Elland

(See Barge and Barrel)

Barbary's - Mytholmroyd

Where? Opposite the 'Dusty Miller'

Barbarella's - Halifax - aka Talk of the Town

(See Nut House)

Bar Centro - Bull Green, Halifax

 (See Salvation)

Now called McCaffertys

Bar Francisca - 1 Wharfe Street, Sowerby Bridge HX6 2LA

Where? Corner of Wharfe Street and Tower Hill

Barge - Mill Lane, Brighouse HD6 1PA

Phone: 01484716138

Where? Just off the roundabout into Sainsburys

Fact - Previously Victoria Tavern

Barge and Barrel - Park Road, Elland HX5 9HP   Phone: 01422371770

Fact - aka Barbados, Station Hotel

Barley Mow - Westgate, Elland

(Closed in 1898)

Barley Mow - Smithy Stake, Halifax

Licensee, James Butler was refused his beerhouse license in 1869. Reason given was 'insufficient value (only £11 10s)

Barley Moor - Pellon

Licensee, Thomas Greenwood was refused his beerhouse license in 1869. Reason given was 'sub-letting of premises.

Barracks Tavern - Charles Street, Halifax

Edward Rawnsley and premises was refused a license 29/08/1869, for harbouring prostitutes and drunken persons.

Barracuda - Bull Green, Halifax 

 (See Salvation)

Now McCaffertys

Barracuda - Huddersfield Road, Brighouse

(See (The) Calder)

Bar Rouge - 16 Silver Street, Halifax HX1 1HS

Fact - Also consists of Fusion Nightclub used to be Coiners amongst other names.

On the site of the old Globe which was demolished

Barum Top - Rawson Street

Halifax HX1 1NH   Phone: 01422300488

Fact - A Wetherspoons pub

Bar Up - Union Cross Yard Halifax HX1 1SZ

Where? Opposite White Swan Hotel in yard. Bar Up (up the steps) and Cookies Bar (below)

Bar with no name - Halifax

(See Cookies Bar)

Bass HouseWards End, Halifax 

(See The Courtyard) aka Carringtons

Bath - Bath Parade (Closed 1901)  

Bath Tavern - Ainley Road

(now Huddersfield Road, Elland)

(Closed in 1910s)

Bath Street Tavern - Lilly Lane, Dean Clough 

(Bottom of Lilly Lane, aka Bath Tavern aka Bath Parade Tavern)

Battleship - Brighouse  (See 'The Ship' aka 'Prince of Wales')

Bay Horse - Boothtown

Bay Horse- 17 Burnley Road

(Closed 1905)

Bay Horse Inn - Lee Bridge

Bay Horse - Northowram

Bay Horse - Bacup Road, Todmorden

(Closed in 1937)

Bay Horse - Cross Stone, Todmorden

Beacon Tavern - Horley Green Road, Horley Green (right on pic)

Fact - aka 'Beaconsfield' and 'The Three Horseshoes'

Where? End of Claremount Road, opposite Godley Bridge

Bears Head - Carr House

(The)Beck -157 Bradford Road, Brighouse

HD6 4AS   Phone: 01484723745

Beehive - Soyland

Beehive - King Cross Lane  

Fact - was knocked down, as was the 'Cross Keys' and the 'Beehive and Cross Keys' replaced them

Beehive and Cross Keys - 31 King Cross Street, Halifax HX1 2SH  

Phone: 01422329057

Fact - Once local separate pubs 'Beehive' and 'Cross Keys' but demolished for Burdock Way

Bees Knees - 11 - 11a Harrison Road, Halifax

(aka Bar 11 aka Borough Club aka Flashmans aka Harrison Social)

Belgrave Social Club - Claremount Road, Claremount

Bell Hotel - Sowerby

Bentley's Commercial - Wards End Chambers, Horton Street, Halifax

(right of picture)

Berghof Brandstatter, Cross Stone

(See Bay Horse, Todmorden)

Bernie Inns - Southgate, Halifax (see Boars Head)

Fact - downstairs was 'Vaults'

Besom Brush - Oldham Road, Ripponden

(See Silk Mill)


Big 6 - (King Cross)

10 Horsfall Street, Halifax HX1 3HG

Phone: 01422350169

Read more

Big D's - Halifax Road, Todmorden

Fact  - was Rose and Crown

Big Daddys - 15/17 Crown Street. Halifax (closed in 1980)

Where? - above 'Dolcis' shoe shop

Fact - became '2+2 Club', 'The Scene' then 'Clarence's', 'Good Mood' and then 'The Mood'.  The main 'Roxy Room' was upstairs and disco downstairs.

View Feature Page

Bird in Hand - New Street, Elland

(Closed in 1908)

Bird in the Hand29 Bank Bottom. Beerhouse.

Innkeepers:- 1861 Joseph Holmes, 1861 William Firth.

Landlord David Shaw was refused a license 20/08/1869 for not producing a certificate of good character

Biscuit Bar - Halifax

Bishop Blaise - Charlestown Road, Claremount 

Next to the Pineapple Inn. Closed 1935


Black Boy - King Cross Lane

(Closed 1908)


Black Bull - Brighouse

(Closed 1933 re-opened)

See Black Bull Featured Article

Black Bull - 9 Copper Street, Halifax

Black Bull - Mount Street, Halifax 

(Closed 1904)  

Black Bull - Heptonstall

Black Bull - Pinfold Lane, Elland

(Closed in 1909)

Black Dog - King Street, Halifax 

(Closed 1903)

Black Horse Inn - 48 Woolshops, Halifax (Closed 1930)   

Where? Approx centre of 'M and S' carpark 

Black Horse - (Clifton)  

Built about 300 years ago, this pub used to brew its own beer in the old brew house, which has been converted into the restaurant. It was used as a meeting place by the Luddites, and it overlooked Kirklees Park and Estate where is to be found Robin Hoods grave. 

Many international stars have stayed here including Lulu, Roy Orbison and The New Seekers.


Black Horse, Rastrick 

Where? Across road from Sun Inn Rastrick. Became a fish shop

Black Lion - 17 Silver Street, Halifax (Closed 1920)

Where? Silver Street, above Yates's, where 'Women's Centre' now stands

Black Lion - Luddenden Foot

Black Lion - Old Bank, Ripponden

Black Lion - Luddenden Foot

Black Rock - Midgley

Black Swan - 47 Briggate, Brighouse

(Closed 2001 - Re-opened 2015)

 (See Millers Bar)

Black Swan - 10 Silver Street, Halifax 

(Opened in 1822 and Closed 1921)

Fact - Now the home of 'Yates's Wine Lodge'
The 'Black Swan' is the pointed gable end (far right in the first picture).
In the second picture you can see the pointed gable end(central) and the Black Swan Passage by the side of the building above it

Read More

Black Swan - 31 Burnley Road, Todmorden



Blind Pig - Tower Hill, Sowerby Bridge HX6 2EQ

Blucher - Church Lane, Halifax
Straight opposite the top of Bath Street


Read Feature page >>>>>>>

Blue Ball - Jemmy Lane, Old Lane (Closed 1915)

Blue Ball Inn - Blackshaw Head

Blue Ball - Brighouse

Daisy Croft House - Hoyle family. Built in 1570. Demolished 1952

Blue Ball Inn- Norland

Blue Ball - Soyland

Blue Ball - Triangle

Blue Barrel - Southgate, Elland

(Closed in 1965)

Blue Bell - Gaol Lane

(Closed 1909)

Blue Bell - Ripponden

Blue Bell Inn - Southowram

Where? It was where the grass is opposite Sam's off-licence is, Bank Top. Seen here (rear right of the tram)

Fact - Burned down

Blue Bells - Mill Bank

Board Inn - Shibden

Boars Head - 5 Southgate, Halifax 

(Closed 1992)

Where? On precinct top of Borough market where Vodaphone shop is.

Fact - Bernie Inns. ('Vaults' underneath had live bands - often heavy rock)

Bog Trap - Luddenden Foot

Boot and Shoe - Elland

Boot and Shoe - Halifax

Booth Wood - Rishworth

Aka Cunning Corner

Border Rose - Walsden


Bottomleys Arms - (Shelf)       

Wade House Road, Shelf, HX3 7NU



Bow Legged with Brass - (Town)

21 George Street, Halifax HX1 1HA  

Phone: 01422340534

Fact - Still known as Griffs to many as it was called for many years, aka The Griffin.

Bowling Green Inn - Horsfall Street, King Cross

Fact - The license was transferred to a new, nearby premises 

Bowling Green - Gibbet Street, Halifax

See 'Woodcock'

Bowling Green - Winding Road, Halifax

(See (The) Old Post Office)

Bradford Hotel - Pellon Lane

Bradshaw Tavern - 14 Bradshaw Lane, Bradshaw

(Closed 2014)

Bramble - Rastrick

(Demolished for new housing)

Fact - Once called (The) Bandsman.

Bramsche - Todmorden

Branch - Wharfe Street, Sowerby Bridge

(Closed in 1949)

Branch Road Inn - Greetland

Brass Cat - Cheapside, Halifax

(See Cat and Fiddle)


Brasserrie at the Bull

5 Bull Green,Halifax, HX1 5AB

Fact - More known now as an eatery. Formerly 'The Bull' for many years. Once had a nightclub upstairs 'Manhattans'/'Royales'


Brewers Arms - Crib Lane, Dean Clough, Halifax

(Closed in 1962)

Brewers Arms - 18/19 Moor End Road / Clough Lane. Mount Tabor

Closed in 1911

Brewers Cellar - 8 Wade Street, Halifax

Brewers Fayre - Ainley Top

Brick Green Inn - Barkisland

Brickmakers Arms - Godley Road, Claremount  (Closed 1969)

Fact - nickname 'the coffin' due to it's shape


See Feature on Brickmakers Arms


Bridge - Lower Briggate, Brighouse

(Closed 1974)re-opened

Fact - previously called (Anchor Inn)

Anchor/Bridge top right

Bridge Tavern - Brighouse


Bridge - Elland

Fact - aka The Royal Hotel

Bridge and Coffee Tavern - Elland

Bridge End - Hebden Bridge

Bridge Hotel - Greetland

Bridge Inn - Grove Street, Halifax

Bridge Inn - Ripponden

Bridges - Sowerby Bridge

Bridge Street Hotel - Bridge Street, Sowerby Bridge

(Closed in 1951)

Brighton Hotel - Gaol Lane, Halifax

(Closed 1911)

Britannia Inn - 37 Woolshops

(Closed 1954)

British Queen - Bacup Road, Todmorden

British Workman - Elland

Briton - Sowerby

Broad Door Stones - Midgley

Broad Oak Tavern - Hove Edge

Where? Half way between Hove Edge and Hipperholme on left at bottom of lane. Broad Oak flats

Broad Tree Hotel - Lee Mount

Broadstone Inn - Crown Street, south side of

Brothers Grimm - Burnley Road

Brow Bridge Inn - Greetland

Brown Cow - Burnley Road, King Cross

(Closed 1939)

Brown Cow - 4 Copper Street, Halifax 

(Closed 1863)

Brown Cow - Swinemarket, Halifax

(Opened in 1864, Closed in 1968)

Where? End of Cow Green and Bottom of Pellon Lane.

Fact - Changed it's name to (see 'Grand Junction') in1880's


Brown Cow - 567-569 Gibbet Street, Highroad Well, HX2 0AL tel: 01422 361640

Brown Cow - Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge

(Closed in 1975)

Brown Cow - Goat House, Ripponden

(Closed in 1955)

Brown Cow - Godly Lane, Rishworth

(Closed in 1955)

Fact - Now a house

Brown Cow - Elland

(Closed in 1934)


Brown Horse - Lanes End, Northowram, Halifax HX3 7SD

The only 'Brown Horse' in the country apparently.


Buccaneer - Hanson Lane, Halifax

Dates back to 1897 when it took the license of Cooper Street's Granby Inn". This was where the farmer's used to drink on market day when it was known as "Castle Inn" then as the "Armada"

Buck - 50 Northgate, Halifax

Buck's Arms - Ogden

Buck Trap - Luddenden Foot

Bull - Hebden Bridge

Bull - Warley

Bull and Butcher - Illingworth

Bull and Dog - Sowerby Bridge

Bull and Dog - Stainland Road, Stainland

Bulls Head - 3 Bull Green, Halifax 

(See Brasserie at the Bull Restaurant)

Bull on the Bridge - Town Hall Street, Sowerby Bridge HX6 2EA

(reopened in December 2015)

Fact - Aka Bulls Head. The Sowerby Taps opened underneath as a separate bar (Ian Horne)

Bull's Tail - Sowerby Bridge

Butcher's Arms - Ripponden

Butcher's Arms - Sowerby Bridge

Butts Green - Rishworth

(Closed in 1910)

Alphabetical list of

Pubs      1A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I J  K L  M  N  O  P  Q  R-  RoSSn- T  UV  W  XYZ

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