Castlemaine House

Castlemaine House


The land where Castlemaine House now stands at 9 Blaithroyd Lane has been recorded as Blaithroyd Working Mens Club (1905,1934).

Officers of the Club have included

  • Lewis Midgley[1930] He married Unknown.
  • Children: Mabel who married [Halifax 18th September 1930] Clifford Jackson

On 19th January 1934, the club was struck off the register

Question: Does anyone know why the Club might have been struck off?


The top property is the back of Castlemaine House

Wallace Bentley

[1864-1935] M.I.Mech.E. Consulting Mechanical Engineer from Halifax.

From 1892, he wrote several books on engineering and related topics:

  • A Reference Book for the Use of Engineers, Draughtsmen, and Mechanics, and a Text Book for Machine Construction and Drawing Classes [1900]
  • Machine Shop Companion
  • Questions in Machine Construction: 14 Questions in Applied Mechanics
  • Rules and Definitions
  • Practical Workshop Mechanics

These were published by the Bentley Publishing Company (his own)

In [Q3] 1888, he married Martha Haigh in Halifax 

Ruth Bentley

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