Sunny Vale - Sunny Bunces'

Sunny Vale - Sunny Bunces


SunnyVale- aka SunnyBuncers was a very popular park and entertainment centre at one time.

This video titled 'Trip to Sunny Vale Gardens at Hipperholme' (1903)

Summertime laughs and larks at a West Yorkshire pleasure gardens.

Proprietor Joseph Bunce opened Sunny Vale Pleasure Gardens on the 1st of May 1880, at Hipperholme. Originally Bunce bought the land to create a market garden.

The Pleasure Gardens became a great attraction. At one point, the gardens attracted about 100,000 people per year.The attractions included a miniature railway, two boating lakes, a roller skating rink, swings and a maze all within a 40-acre park.

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The lakes were Alexandre (Upper, larger lake) and

Victoria (the lower, smaller lake - ice rink when frozen)


from John Blagbrough collection

from John Blagbrough collection

There was also roller skating in the 1950s.

Here's another short video


Stock Car Racing

Stock Car racing - this was once held down at Sunny Vale after its days as an entertainment park and lake.

See video here

This picture shows how neglected Sunny Vale became, a sad sight after years of pleasure and beauty of the past.

But wait

There is some very good news


There are signs of a revival

A recent project to resurrect the beauty of the valley as well as making good use of the area have been in development in the form of an activity centre.

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