Southowram-Did You Know

Southowram-Did You Know

Whilst it is not advisable, you could still access miles of mining tunnels that run under the Southowram area. Some are as wide as a main road. There are also old carts and tracks still down there.

The main bus route through Southowram used to run down Pinnar Lane.

There was a Quaker meeting place in Southowram at Spaniard Hall Farm but whereabouts was this?

Just below Bailey Hall, Southowram Bank, where the train station now stands was once a very popular public recreation complex.

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The building on the left of the picture 'above' used to be known as the 'readers parliament' and was also a bus shelter. 

The building on the right was the Sion Sunday School.

 The old building above with the railings was a small school that became the post office.

The 'Cock' as in Cock and Bottle has nothing to do with the fowl. It actually refers to the water-cock that once operated the local well. So, Cock and Bottle denotes that both draught beer and bottled beer were available.