Southowram History 8 - Law Lane part 1 

Law Lane part 1 includes Howgate, Pinnar Lane etc.. as far as Whitley Lane

Marsh Farm in the centre and Law Hill House is bottom right

Pinnar Lane

St. Michaels Cricket field

At the end of Pinnar Lane, opposite the War Memorial is a large and flat field belonging to Kitson Bros farmers (pic 1). This used to be the cricket field of St Michael and All Angels Church (pic2) opened by Bishop Frodsham and Sir Harold Mackintosh in 1924 (pic3). Map showing the cricket field in the centre of pic4.

Southowram Observatory

Observatory watch tower was used by scientific gentlemen in the nineteenth century and was situated in Pinnar Lane. The cottages are still there but the tower was demolished in the late 1960's.

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The building that stood next to the observatory has an archaic stone face on its wall


Binns Quarry

Law Hill

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In 1939, Law Lane was widened to accommodate an increase in traffic and a new bus route. At the time, the bus route was along the very narrow Pinnar Lane.

The milepost would also need moving and, according to the photos, the milepost was replaced within a few yards of its original position. However, these mileposts do not look like the same ones to me.

Twinge - Spring Hall

Spring Hall with Twinge House to the left


Halifax Daily Courier and Guardian June 12th 1930

Whitley Lane

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Ivy House

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