Southowram Railway and Cable-Car Plans

Southowram Railway and Cable-Car Plans

'Remarkable that the proposals for the Southowram Light Railway suggested gradients of 1 in 50, all the more remarkable considering the climb from Holmfield to the New Delight Inn, again the joint line as it was from Halifax to Holmfield was a slightly more punishing gradient of 1 in 45, if ever you have visited the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, the incline from Grosmont to Goathland is 1 in 45 I am adding this as a comparison. To me the line would have terminated not far from where I live not far from the Cricket Club, again sadness that the line was not built at the time there were a number of lines proposed under the Light Rail Act, including one to Scammonden and from Lee Bridge to Mixenden, if you notice any where there was a mill!' 

Robert Goulding

Beacon Hill Cable Car

This very nearly happened and now that the Piece Hall has been developed and there are also proposals for modern bus and train stations at the bottom of town, then this could still return as a realistic town attraction.

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