Southowram History 14 - Caine Lane

Southowram History 14 - Caine Lane including Charles Avenue, Adgil and Cromwell Road

This site would be just below the Pack Horse.


This is the view from Kings View before the houses were built at Queen's Drive and the lower part of Charles Avenue


Adgil Grove

back of Adgil Grove Barn

Here we can see houses leading up to the Wesleyan Chapel on Chapel Lane (mid-left) and the long row of houses along New Street heading all the way up to Towngate.

Bottom of Chapel Lane

Bottom of Chapel Lane with New Street behind it.

Slead Cottage near the bottom of Chapel Lane


Wesleyan Chapel's graveyard


Cote Hill


Pack horses once used the route through this valley bottom, down through Southowram woods towards Brighouse and Elland. A view across valley and fields leads the eye to a Victorian house called Glenwood, top left, and St Anne's church.

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