Southowram History 4 - Trooper Lane

Trooper Lane

Trooper Lane, Pit Hill, Caddy Field and the Stoney Royd area. Please feel free to add your own input by emailing

An old Courier photo of Water Lane looking at the Trooper Lane area.

This is the area around the back of Mackintoshes.

Trooper Lane is 200 yards to the right of this picture.

Here we can see Stoney Royd Fever hospital in the foreground with the Caddy Field school behind it and Trooper Lane winding up towards Blaithroyd Lane which runs along the picture 3/4 of the way up.

Pit Hill was so called due to all the mining in this area.

Trooper Lane Co-op

Past and present.

Mr T W Hanson wrote that the name 'Trooper Lane' derives from when the plague afflicted Halifax in 1645, soldiers and other travellers used Trooper Lane to avoid town and the need to go by the church and up 'Old Bank' where the disease was rife. An alternative reason for it's name suggests that when 'Ward's End' was the furthest outpost of the Royalists during the Civil War, the Parliamentarians used the route King Cross, Haugh Shaw, Shay, Water Lane and Trooper Lane to avoid them.

Carry on up Trooper Lane, just above Blaithroyd Lane and as you reach the next bend you would come to Prospect Terrace, a block of ten back to back houses before the road finally levels off and makes it's way back to the main road (Bank Top).

These videos were filmed on Trooper Lane. The first was Gary Lineker in a Walkers crisp ad and the second was a Joe Jackson music video

High Grove Lane

Holly Mount

In a 1905 almanac, Holly Mount included


High Grove Terrace

High Grove Place

1905 - 1. Alfred Remmer,         3. Mrs Eagland, farmer             5. Louis Mallinson


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